Exterior of the Marty Hotel


Le Marty is a friendly hotel where the emerging creative scene is revealed. What makes our establishment special? It's its vibrant personality, its unique, creative atmosphere and its location in a dynamic, cosmopolitan neighborhood.

We source as much of our food as possible from local merchants and players, with the aim of encouraging short circuits, but also promoting neighborhood life.

Art is the universal secret language.

Patty Smith

The Lobby Hotel Marty

The lobby

Our lobby unites around a large bar overlooked by an avalanche of chandeliers. The décor, which mixes classic wood decor with industrial steel and concrete elements, is punctuated with bright colors, vintage furniture and fabrics of varying textures. Structured in several small spaces that can connect to each other, it can host different types of artistic and creative events.

Hotel Marty Bordeaux Centre


The Marty Hotel is nestled in the heart of the modernist architecture of the Mériadeck district of Bordeaux, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site for its very distinctive urban planning typology. Only 10 minutes from the city center and 15 minutes from the Saint-Jean train station, the hotel enjoys a privileged location to welcome both business travelers and experience seekers looking for a lively and unique place to enjoy their stay.


What is the best exhibition to see at the moment in Bordeaux? Where is the nearest natural wine cellar? What is the latest concept store to know? Our concierge service shares its best addresses with visitors. Our team adapts to the desires and needs of each person so that each stay remains a unique personalized experience.

The Lobby Hotel Marty


Art in the line of sight.
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