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Under the leadership of Nell Caritey-Hergué, founder of the gallery L'Artillerie, our hotel is a real incubator in itself. Working on a whim, this nomadic gallery owner offers an audacious program, renewed every six months. Scattered throughout the hotel, all works of art are available for sale.

Tom Nelson Art

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson does not seek to represent a classic graffiti on canvas. He develops, over time, an abstract painting based on repetition that fades and destructures becoming almost illegible by his gestural creation. From these accumulations of lines and materials comes a rhythmic energy, his compositions become almost a dance, a moving wave full of life. Tom Nelson uses the techniques of graffiti while being inspired by modern art.

Charlotte Lemaire Thimel Art

Charlotte Lemaire Thimel

Charlotte Lemaire-Thimel began her career in finance, and in 2017 seized a professional opportunity for which she moved to Madrid. This city marks an important turning point in her life: she wants to create and explore. Abstract, powerful and colorful, her paintings are an ode to life and all its possibilities. Through her paintings, Charlotte lives unique experiences, fulfilled by a feeling of freedom and mutation so sought after. Her paintings oscillate between total abstraction and the appearance of certain lamps or jars.

Ozana Art


Self-taught French stencil artist, inspired by current events, OZANA questions the failings of our society. Under an apparent simplicity, his works reveal multiple messages. His characters, often children, touch us, move us or take us to task, rarely leaving us indifferent. A fan of "salvaging", he reuses what should have been thrown away and values the existing, without over-consuming. Between tenderness and denunciation, the paintings of OZANA invite us to dream of a better world.

Yann Sciberras Art

Yann Sciberras

Yann Sciberras is a contemporary artist who has created a very recognizable style that places him at the heart of the "free figuration" movement and in the category of so-called "actualist" artists. He develops an eclectic and energetic art, zany and offbeat, very urban. His work is a kind of social protest, a punch in the face of contemporary consumer culture. His art is screaming: signs, images, words and warnings are rendered in bright colors.

Gil S Art

Gil S

As a contemporary sculptor, Gil.S gives a new form and above all a new life to matter, by shaping stainless steel, steel and car bodies. In this world of waste, he likes to embody these materials in art objects. Gil.S is inspired by everyday life to create works that are often figurative, but his imagination can also lead him towards abstraction. Human life, animal life, resurrection, metal is no longer cold, it lets an emotion, an expression, a call pass through...

Nidpie Art


The ocean inspires her! This marine world, symbol of life, gives meaning to her own. Gleaner of the foreshore, Nidpie transforms the shell into a precious material, offering a new look on these natural and fragile riches. Ornamentation becomes great art! Through her creations with a baroque spirit, she likes to surprise, to make people dream. Teeming with discreet and meticulous details, each work plunges you into the fantastic and poetic universe of mythology. 

Camilie Tan Art

Camille Tan

Settled in Brussels since 2017, Camille creates the Atelier Falaise, a production and exhibition space. He then specializes in working with wood and more specifically around the design of sculpture and craft. Composed of wood, stone and metal, his suspensions, which question the relationship between space and time, are articulated by the play of forces and balance. His work rethinks the relationship between design and sculpture, between the utilitarian and the decorative.

Morgane Richard Art

Morgane Richard

Morgane was born in Saint Brieuc in 1977. She was 15 years old when her father gave her her first Nikon film camera. Tirelessly, passionately, ardently, she photographs everything. As time goes by, her eye sharpens, her universe settles. The woman will be her subject, the scenes of the everyday life its decoration... This series carries the print of its sensitivity. She is amused by our simple gestures, our little habits, our moments of pause. She knows how to expose us! Without false pretenses but with delicacy... Her vaporous universe, imposes itself here like her signature... an artistic blur.